Brut rose sparkling wine Cricova Premium Cuvee

400 MDL

  • Brand: Cricova
  • Product Code: cricova-022
  • Availability: In Stock

Sparkling wine produced from high quality grapes of European white and red varieties, by secondary fermentation and ageing in bottle. The wine has an elegant and persistent perlage, full and harmonious taste, pronounced and well-developed bouquet.

Processed by the classic French method, with secondary fermentation in a bottle and subsequent ageing cuvée for at least 9 months.

Colour- Pale pink

Aroma- Currant, wildflowers, blackberries

Taste- Full, balanced, soft

Alcohol- 12.5 %

Temperature of serving- 6-8°C

Pairing- Sushi, Asian cuisine, grilled turkey.

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