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Ciotra Feteasca neagra

160 MDL

Kara Gani Ciotra Feteasca Neagră 2018

Produced from Feteasca Neagră grapes, manually selected in the southern part of Moldova from their own wine vineyards, according to traditional technology. It has a ruby color, a rich aroma of black fruit, ripe cherries, with fine shades of spices. Fruity taste, balanced, with a pleasant long aftertaste. Bottled in sterile, cold conditions. It is recommended to be served in combination with meat dishes. Limited edition 2000 bottles.

• In: 2018

• Color: Red

• Taste: Sec

• Grapes: Feteasca Neagra

• Alcohol: 15%

• Volume: 0.75 l

• Country: Moldova

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